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Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya or familiarly called Bella Bella was often makes sense. Not long circulating hot photos Laudya Chintya Bella while on vacation with her ex-boyfriend and her friend Ananda Mikola and Moreno Julie Estelle Soeprapto. Now there are more photos showing the tattoo Laudya Chintya Bella when Bella was in the hotel room with his friend. This tattoo is not visible because Bella put the tattoo on the back of his right hip. That is why we rarely see the tattoo Bella in every appearance.

Laudya Chintya Bella, foto artisThis beautiful artist's career began when bella model companions for election in 2002 and became its champion 2. From there began to pursue a career bella by deciding to move to Jakarta from Bandung hometown. Dijakarta career began to climb when bella bella star in a movie called "VIRGIN", in this film with his friend namely bella Ardina Rasti and anggia yulia hanafie. After starring in this movie started playing bella movie - a movie that does not lose the next tenarnya, red lanterns and the BBB (not the usual star) is equal to his vocal group the BBB. Not only highlighted bella career but also his personal life did not escape the spotlight among journalists bella never fill her heart to another man whom Raffi Ahmad.

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