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Olga Lydia

Olga Lydia, Sexy Swimsuit, sexy bikini, Foto ArtisOlga Lydia was born in Jakarta, December 4, 1976. Olga is now known as host and actress, began her from the stage catwalk and became the model number of your products and video star. Women graduates of the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Parahyangan it, once and was a presenter Other Side (Trans TV), Beautiful (Trans TV), Automotive (TV7), A1 (Global TV), Samsung World (Metro TV) and the Republic of Dreams (Metro TV). Smentara in acting, his name known through FEN LO soap KOEI (RCTI) and the horror film 12 AM and contribute to the best film FFI 2006, EKSKUL.

Meanwhile, as the model he has been starring in a video clip Boomerang, Stanley Sagala, Caffeine and also god. Sino-blooded woman, also known as a social movement activists, especially related to issues of women's rights. When the issue of the pros and cons of the bills Action Pornography and Porno action early in 2006, Olga became one of the actresses who opposed to legalized. As a form of expressing his disapproval with a sexy pose in a men's magazine.

In addition, Olga is still pursue a recording studio business, education vocals 'House Stars', pool 'La Forca' and restaurants 'Poke Sushi'.

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